Myths About Inflatable Kayak Boats


Kayak fishing has got popularity over last ten years. You will easily detect the difference between a normal kayak and a fishing kayak. Fishing kayaks are equipped with an elaborate array of fishing tools which are attached to a small area.

The early model kayaks were a bit annoying because all the equipment were kept in a small congested place. Later, manufacturers made the development of a separate line of kayak models which were specially designed for the angler.

However, technology never stops its advancement. More efficient models are being manufactured every year which offers more facilities than previous ones.

Nowadays, the inflatable kayak boats are the most popular and widely used ones among the enthusiastic kayak fishermen.

What is an Inflatable Kayak?

The inflatable kayak boats were underestimated as toys previously. But, today’s inflatable kayaks are much more different than its early counterparts.

The early models of inflatable kayaks were lightweight and flimsy like the average swimming pool raft. The recent models are extremely good in quality and safer than the previous ones.

The inflatable kayaks are now puncturing proof and more durable.

Why people love portable inflatable kayak?

Following are some of the best reasons for using the portable inflatable kayak boats:

  1. People do not want to add trouble to their life. Hoisting the kayak up and tying it safely to the car’s roof rack is annoying. That’s why people prefer the portable inflatable kayaks.
  2. They like the easy storage facility of inflatable kayaks. They can be carried in a storage bag or the trunk of a car or in the storage chamber of your home. It is very effective if you live in a small apartment or townhouse.
  3. People who travel a lot mostly like the portable type of accessories. So, portable kayaks are preferable to them. They can carry it on the airplane as well.
  4. They like the fact that portable inflatable kayaks need less maintenance. You simply have to dry them, fold and then store it.
  5. They love its quick action. The portable kayaks let them start kayaking within a moment’s notice. It needs a couple of seconds to go from the car trunk to paddling.
  6. They like the cheapness of inflatable kayaks. They afford to buy one easily.

So, these are some of the good reasons why inflatable kayaks are more popular than the rigid kayaks. Go through some other articles on this topic to gather information on their safety, strength, durability, set up process, styles and maintenance.

This information will help you to find out the best of all kayaks easily.

The myths about inflatable kayak

The inflatable kayaks are one of the recent additions to the kayak family. Consumers possess some misconceptions on kayak types and this is a very common phenomenon.

If you are thinking of using an inflatable kayak, get to know the most common myths about inflatable kayak

Inflatable kayaks are not durable

Most of the consumers think that inflatable kayaking boats are lightweight and less durable than the rigid ones. As the rigid hulls have hard surfaces, they think those are more durable than inflatable kayak boats.

But they are wrong. Now the inflatable kayak boats are made with different durable materials such as- haplon, polyurethane, and decitex. Besides, the fabrics of inflatable kayaks are multi-layered and extra coated.

They are reinforced to provide more strength. Some of the inflatable kayaks have electrically welded seams that work against the tearing load.

They are not stable than rigid hulls

Generally, the boats with flat bottoms are more stable than with different bottoms. Thus, inflatable kayak models are supposed to be stable because they have flat bottoms too!

But this is not the only reason behind their stability. Air is trapped in their multiple chambers to keep them more floatable and stable on the water. Good quality inflatable kayaks do not tip usually.

You must shun sharp river objects with an inflatable kayak

Kayaking boats get depressed when someone pushes his finger on their surface. But this does not indicate that they are vulnerable to punctures! Do not panic if you see river obstacles while paddling.

Durability test of some kayaks is done by hitting them with rigid objects and see if they get damaged or not. However, do not deliberately drag your kayak across the riverbank gravel.

Frequent hitting and dragging are harmful to kayaks no matter how durable they are.

They are difficult to maintain

Some inflatable kayaks get moldy when stored inside the storage bag. This problem arises from an inappropriate style of storing. If the kayak contains river water within its surface and stored in a moist condition, it gets moldy.

So, make sure your inflatable kayak is completely dried before storage to avoid this problem. Remember, inflatable kayaks do not perform well in extreme hot/cold weather.

Besides, you need to be strong to control an inflatable kayak.

They do not offer maneuverability

The rounded bottoms and small kayaks are easier to handle or maneuver than the flat-bottomed large kayaks.

Some of the inflatable kayaks are equipped with skews, which enable water to be tracked without zigzagging.

Thus, padding becomes easier and consumes less energy to move it on flat water.

Bottom Line

Despite these myths, an inflatable kayak boat is hugely popular among people. Many people use it for different purposes as well. So, do not be scared at these myths or you will miss the enjoyment of using an inflatable kayak.

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