Everything You Need To Know About Snorkeling Gears


Snorkeling has always been an exciting and adventurous way of discovering the underwater world. It is considered as one of the greatest hobbies and people are getting more interested day by day.

However, you always have to be careful about few things even if you are a master in snorkeling. Perfect snorkeling gears are necessary because they can make a difference between your joy and mishap.

The good news is, you do not have to make a long list of equipment for snorkeling. This is a great pastime to enjoy with very few gears. You will need only three major things while doing this adventure. These are: a mask, some fins, and the snorkel.

Essential snorkeling gears

Below are the essential snorkeling gears that every would-be snorkeler must buy:

Buy Mask

Make sure your snorkeling must do not create any discomfort or irritation for your skin. Choose the one that fits your face, neither loose nor too tight. It should make a protective cover to your face that shields water effectively.

Remember, everyone’s preference and comfort level are not same. So, the mask suggested by your friend might not be comfortable or suitable for you! Besides, face size also varies from man to man.

Do not worry because there is a lot of sizes available for the snorkeling mask. You will not face any problem to choose one that fits your face size and gives you the best experience of snorkeling.

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Buy the Snorkel

Among the three pieces of equipment, the snorkel is the most important one. It ensures enough air supply so that you can feel like a fish in deep water! There is a lot of designs for the snorkel that comes with a variety of features.

Try to check as many designs as possible to find out the best one for you. The type of your snorkel will depend on respiratory rate as well as the depth of water. For example, if you want to go deeper than the normal depth, your snorkel should be longer than the standard ones.

You can also choose a wider one so that you can breathe easily. Be careful about the existence of water in the snorkel. It can hinder smooth air circulation. Buy a snorkel with a purge valve, which is capable of removing any water within the snorkel.

Snorkel Gear Maintenance

Snorkeling gears do not need complicated maintenance. Especially, the snorkel itself hardly needs any maintenance. After using the snorkel in salt or chlorinated water, simply rinse it with fresh water for the basic cleaning.

This simple process is enough to keep the snorkel is a good working condition for years. Always store it in a cool place and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

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In the case of the complex snorkels such as- dry, semi-dry, or those having purge valves, it is important to remove all the chlorinated water or sand that may enter into the snorkel or inside the valve.

Generally, the purge valves have a thin cover that might be torn or have small holes due to using for many days. Be very careful about this because it may cause oxygen leakage, which may lead you to death!

This is you will fix them (if it is possible) or you can just replace with a new one. Usually, a new valve works great and it will make sure that air is circulated in a proper way to through the valve.

The mouthpiece of a snorkel has some bite tabs. Bite tabs are included for more a secured link between your mouth and the snorkel. But they may break off with time or stop functioning effectively.

There is nothing to worry because replacements are available on the market. You can attach the new mouthpiece easily with your snorkel by following a simple method.

There is a part called snorkel keeper that is used to establish a connection between your snorkel and the snorkel mask. It may lose its effectiveness with time.

Though you can keep it with your snorkel mask strap, it would be better if you replace it with a brand new one. It will lessen the risk of sliding out of the snorkel when unused and thus you may lose it.


It is suggested to buy a new snorkel keeper because it is easily found on the market and not costly. If you can follow the tips and suggestions mentioned here, you will be able to enjoy snorkeling with your gears for a couple of years without any tension or risk.

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